The Story of Mori

The name Mori is a culmination of years of exploration and discovery. Growing up a cross-cultural girl in eclectic Los Angeles, I have always been fascinated with the idea of identity: who we are and how we hold space. Our identities so often get twisted up with labels and superficial details that don't reflect who we are at our core. Jobs, relationships, gender, race, financial standing, illness, diet, body type...these things certainly shape our experience, but do not need to define us. Shaking these attachments can be scary at first as it forces us to look deeper, but it's a wonderfully liberating feeling to break free of these limitations.

Mila Mori is my center. It is me when I peel the distractions away, and whom I want to show the world. It is a constant practice of trial and error, of gratitude and acceptance. A play on my mother's maiden name, Morimoto, Mori also pays homage to a radical line of independent women who helped shape me into who I am today.

Fun tidbit- Mori translates to "forest" in Japanese. Grounded, vibrant, and free.